MandalaThere are many inspiring resources and we’ll be sharing more soon..

For learning Origami

Next, you will find links for some good origami resources including our new Origami Pulse booklet ‘Get Started with Origami’. After a while, you’ll find yourself mastering one design and then wanting to learn something else.  Just looking at images online will lead you to discover new designs.  All you need is a piece of paper, curiosity and time to see what unfolds…

“put a smile on my face” — patient

Youtube: Dr Lizzie Burns

During this time we have been adding a fold each week from butterflies to shells, crowns, flower and boats.. The possibilities are endless. Join Lizzie and get folding too.


Transforming the everyday into something beautiful: How origami can help encourage self-care

Dr Lizzie Burns wrote a piece that’s been published in The British Medical Journal about origami to encourage self-care for those working in healthcare. December 2020

Origami Red Squirrel Project celebrates these rare animals during Sefton Borough Of Culture

Zulay Newell Origami Red Squirrel original design was a perfect way of reaching out to people of all ages during lockdown with a fun and imaginative way of raising awareness about red squirrels conservation by folding one. December 2020

We have written about our work inspiring others.  Dr Burns has also written about boredom in the British Medical Journal as an unacknowledged suffering in healthcare.  Origami is an ideal tool as suggested by a patient to combat boredom, through providing focus, challenge, control, beauty and order when life has been disrupted through illness.  A single session allows closely engaged time with another and can provide a valuable tool for patients to continue in their own self-care.

“I found my Ikigai” – Zulay Newell, p22 Merseyside Care NHS Foundation magazine (Spring 2019 issue)

How does Origami help you?” – Dr Lizzie Burns, p36-37 British Origami magazine (April 2019)

How does Origami help you - article

Origami can be a Boredom Buster“- Dr Lizzie Burns, Psychreg; Psychology. Mental Health.  Well-being blog (21st Dec 2018)

Boredom could extend your hospital stay” – Dr Lizzie Burns, the Daily Mail – p52: Good Health section (19th Sept 2017)

Doctor’s Diary: Bored to Death” – Dr James Le Fanu, The Daily Telegraph (22nd Aug 2017)

Origami would beat hospital tedium” – Tom Whipple, p3 The Times (7th March 2017)The Times p3 070317

Pass me an anti-boredom pill doctor” – Dr Lizzie Burns, BMJ Opinion (2nd March 2017)