“feel more confident in new things”  “given me something I can share with my family”  “very enjoyable and stops me thinking negative feelings”

We see a real difference in the people we work with.  While making and connecting through Origami we forget everything else. Simply given paper, time and encouragement beautiful things emerge.  Through a moment of creativity, we take time out, get immersed, playful and experience joy.

Throughout our work we seek anonymous feedback to learn, improve and find out the impact Origami can make.  Between us we have worked with thousands of people; providing individual care to support each person’s learning and development.  We’ve seen participants grow and flourish, and even use Origami as an ongoing tool to avoid medications for anxiety.  A single uplifting session can be enough to provide a tool for a life-time to share with family, and friends.

We document and collate feedback and include a summary from working with adults in hospital who represent people at their most vulnerable.

“something so small has put a smile on my face” “you’ve blown my mind”

it's how it makes you feelWith our thanks to the Big Lottery, from a recent project we collated 86 feedback forms from over 200 sessions. On a scale of 1-10, our sessions scored 9.2.

  • How did the session make you feel? – 58% happy, 42% relaxed and 38% felt mentally stimulated.
  • How were you feeling before? – 31% fed up/down, 28% bored, 27% OK and 18% anxious.
  • How do you think this session could help? – 78% for anxiety, 81% mood, 67% worrying, 48% frustration, 87% boredom, 53% isolation, 69% loneliness
  • What percentage of your awake time have you felt bored? – 51%
  • Is there anything you would change? – 92% no, 8% more sessions
  • Do you think this should continue? – 100% yes

Dr Burns also works in UCH as a Creative Specialist in Oncology working with patients and staff funded by the UCLH Charity.  Lizzie has run over 2,000 sessions and a summary of collated evidence from over 500 feedback forms is included below where Origami is the most popular choice of activity.

99% of participants suggested a session was helpful with reasons including; 50% for mental stimulation, 22% connected to others and 21% to lift mood.  Everyone wanted this work to continue.  This work supporting staff has been recognised, through the Nursing Times as shortlisted for ”Best Wellbeing and Staff Engagement Initiative”.

How does Origami help you?

“when I do Origami I am in a state of ‘flow’ – completely absorbed in the moment. All worries and anxieties vanish!”

We asked this question to people who regularly do Origami themselves at the British Origami Society convention.  39 people shared how Origami helps them.  Three themes emerge; 77% suggested for mental stimulation and challenge, 60% for relaxation and 44% for bringing a connection with others.

Dr Burns has written an article about the results for the British Origami Society magazine which can be read below.

How does Origami help you - article


Evaluation Origami Pulse – 2019

Evaluation – Creative Specialist

We are having to work in new ways and here’s some feedback from our recent online sessions