Made with gLove

Our thanks to talented designer, Matthew Murphy, who is working with us to create exciting designs to spark the imagination about Origami for wellbeing.

Origami for Community: A project for our times

Encouraging people to pick up paper and fold in support of wellbeing is needed more than ever following the global transmission of COVID-19. With our greatest thanks to the National Lottery with a Community Grant we are so very excited about our latest project ‘Made with gLove: Origami for community’.

We have so much planned to make a difference. The project title comes from us thinking about others with care using gloves to handle materials.

25,000 Inspiration Leaflets

We are very excited about working with designer Matthew Murphy to create uplifting colourful leaflets to encourage folding for wellbeing. This 8-page leaflet contains diagrams for simple but interesting traditional folds linked to videos to help further. We included a budget for 5,000 but with an overwhelming response and through collaboration from so many hospital charities our print run became 25,000. We include below a pdf of the leaflet with 5 folds for anyone to print out and use.

Who are they for?

Leaflets are being offered to groups in local communities around the Merseyside and Oxford including those with mental health problems and the homeless. We also wanted to offer leaflets to staff in hospitals to encourage self-care; caring for our carers who have given so much in this time. With amazing support and contribution from Hospital Charities these leaflets will be sent to hospitals in Oxford, the Merseyside, London (UCH and Imperial), Cambridge, Derby, York, Coventry and Bristol. Leaflets are being given to staff by volunteers with gLove.

Community workshops

‘Origami for wellbeing’ workshop with the Oxfordshire County Library

We are collaborating with organisations and charities offering online workshops to bring people together, particularly for those in isolation to share a moment in folding. We are experienced in zoom and work with others to run groups to bring joyful connecting time. If you are in a group you feel could benefit from a session get in touch! Our sessions can help start a new hobby that can continue for a life-time.

We are now offering free folds for community every 1st Saturday of the month online in collaboration with our library from 11-12. Our next session is a Festive Fold to create decorations on Saturday 5th December; open to everyone of all ages. Book a ticket here.

“fun, absorbing, want to do more” “very pleased I came – thank you” “calm, happy, together

One-off sessions to inspire!

We are offering free one-off sessions for groups who could benefit from discovering the gentle art of Origami for wellbeing. So far groups have included key workers with nurses and teachers, as well as families effected by blood disorders, children during half-term, parents who have adopted and University students in isolation. We are reaching out to all who could benefit and welcome anyone getting in touch to organise a session. This has all been made possible through a Community Fund from the National Lottery.

Watch this space!

We can’t wait to share how our project will unfold, and how it will help people during this time…

Get folding…

In the meantime join our fold through films. On Youtube Dr Lizzie Burns is sharing regular weekly Origami with live folds on Wednesdays at 2pm. There’s a large selection of films from flapping birds, to prawns, flowers and a dinosaur to try out. No special paper needed, and Lizzie shows you each time how to fold a square from whatever paper is available. We have also set up Facebook group: ‘Join the fold: Origami to beat the boredom‘ for people to encourage each other.

We would love to see your creations. Do share on social media: #Origamilove Twitter @DrLizzieBurns or @Origamipulse or Instagram @drlizzieburns

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us and making this possible, with support from the National Lottery. We really appreciate you believing in us.

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