Origami Pulse CIC

Improving Life, one fold at a time…

We are a registered Community Interest Company dedicated exclusively to the art and science of Origami. We are a highly motivated, experienced and enthusiastic team who advocate passionately the mental health benefits of the practice of Origami. We decided to set up the company based on our own personal experiences of how folding paper drastically improved our mental health during difficult times.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where Origami is routinely used as a catalyst for both mental and physical health recovery, well-being and promotion of community spirit.

Our Values

Sustainability, social inclusion, environmentally friendly products, financially ethical.

We aim to be:

  • Inclusive, welcoming people from all social groups, particularly minorities and the vulnerable.
  • Sustainable through trading , commissions and workshops.
  • Environmentally friendly by sourcing and using recycled and eco-aware materials.
  • To be financially ethical by using reinvestment policies, whereby surplus profits go back to the business for buying materials and running subsidised workshops.

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Our Aims

  • To provide subsidised, bespoke workshops across the UK introducing the Art and Science of Origami to vulnerable people.
  • To apply for funding to deliver free workshops for charities and disadvantaged groups in the community.
  • To promote an exclusive range of Origami kits and cards which place specific emphasis on mental well-being. Why is this necessary? Because 75% of people with mental health problems never receive a ‘Get well’ card yet 8 out of 10 service users say that receiving one would improve their recovery.
  • Creation of a unique range of ‘Opening Up’ cards for people to send when needing to communicate their mental state to loved ones, and the wider community. A quiet way of informing friends and colleagues how life is feeling today. The message inside the card separates out and can be replaced daily.
  • Collate a library of quotes and poems for use in the cards, and to allow an exchange of inspiration.Kawasaki rose

“felt very excited and inspired” — patient